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Use AI without changing your CRM

The leading AI services, at your fingertips


Use our integrations with OpenAI ChatGPT and Google AI to make the most of your data.

Generate individualised copy

Giving Analytics knows everything about a donor's interaction with your charity. This information can be used to generate incredibly customised emails, SMS messages and call centre scripts, tailored for each donor.

We work with your marketing team to determine relevant donor segments, and generate individualised copy at scale for campaigns like:

  • Requests to sign up for direct debit payments
  • Requests for donations to appeals related to previously-supported  appeals by a donor
  • Requests for donations in Ramadan, where the donor has not previously donated during this month (for Islamic charities)

AI Clustering

Segmentation by Machine Learning allows you to group similar donors by any combination of parameters made up of their behaviour and demographics. You may find you have large groups of donors in very specific segments, such as:

  • Women in Birmingham,
  • Direct debit donors that donate to disaster relief appeals,
  • Men that only donate during Ramadan, that convert via Facebook campaigns.

With Giving Analytics you can simply select starting population (e.g. donors to Disaster Relief funds) and specify how many clusters you want to generate - giving you full control of how granular you want your targeting to be.

Fully GDPR compliant

Our integrations with AI services are based on a robust information security framework. We  work on the basis that:

  • All service providers must have GDPR-compliant contracts in place,
  • Personally identifiable information is not passed to AI services unless absolutely required for the task in hand,
  • Models trained with one charity's data cannot be used to make inferences on another charity's.
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Giving Analytics is integrated with ChatGPT and Google AI services