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Core features

Understand your donor's relationship with your charity

Analyse donor behaviour

Understand your donor relationships

How does a donor's second donation compare to their first? How often do donors return and does this vary by appeal? Which appeals attract the most monthly givers?

See the answers to questions like these updated live, and compare over time to monitor trends.

Track fundraising performance

Monitor campaign results

Compare current to previous periods, find seasonality patterns (by month, day or even hour) and see donor engagement by geographical location.

Monitor your fundraising and marketing campaign performance
Tailor your messaging for each donor segment

Tailor your messaging for each donor persona

Segment like never before

Use advanced filters, including the RFM scoring, to slice and dice your data. Export these donor segments to create targeted social or email audiences.

Differentiate the messaging between your donor groups with minimal effort.

Before Giving Analytics

Simple questions took hours to answer in Excel

How many one-off donations do donors make before signing up as a regular giver?
Answering this question would take hours, be done manually and be prone to errors. Want the answer next month too? It's the same laborious process again.

After Giving Analytics

Key analysis available instantly and always live

All your donor analysis in one place and no more manual work to calculate KPIs.
Everyone works from the latest data and data-driven decisions are made with confidence.
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